Tea Tree Oil- The Gift from Down Under

Tea Tree is another one of the multifaceted essential we cherish here at Stock Steady Supply Cosmetics. The astringent qualities of this Australian plant are well known in the skincare world. Tea Tree makes for a great ingredient in face wash due the terpenes which deep cleans the pores and gives the skin a naturally radiant glow. A little bit goes a long as this essential oil is derived from the same process of distillation that Rose undergoes.
An essential oil packed with antioxidants and antibacterial properties, Tea Tree Oil works wonders on the nails and scalp as it helps remove dry and flaky skin. Adding a few drops to your favorite shampoo is also a great way nourish your hair.

We use Tea Tree Oil in These Products:

1. Before & After Sun Moisturizer.

2. Balancing Serum