Origanum Vulgare

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Tonight’s product knowledge drop covers the rather complex herb Oregano. Yet there is a distinction that needs to be made prior to that. Oregano is also classified as a spice (Origanum Marjoram) and is commonly used in cooking. It is labeled as Marjoram in many Asian & Mediterranean markets across the country.
Oregano oil (Origanum Vulgare) It is derived from the plant is not safe for oral consumption except in capsule form. (I learned that fact the hard way.) And like most powerful & potent essential oils, it is cultivated via distillation. Oregano oil carries 2 polypehols with extraordinary qualities. Carvacol and Thymol. Think of them as agents of bacterial parasitic, fungal and viral destruction because that is exactly what they do. Carvacol is very valuable at treating acne and while Thymol is antiseptic known for fending off infections. Here a few other benefits Oregano offers to the world of skincare.
1. Antioxidant: contains the compound quercetin which carries a higher absorption rate than vitamin E.
2. Destroys free radical damage associated with psoriasis, acne and nail fungus.
3. Oregano oil makes for an effective scalp treatment as it quickly neutralizes dandruff and neutralizes seborrheic dermatitis.
4. Stimulates Hair Growth: the anti inflammatory properties of Oregano oil helps to cleanse the scalp of irritation allowing to new hair cells to form and flourish over time. It is recommended that the oil be diluted due to it’s level of strength.