Sage Oil-Clearing The Air

#antibacterial #antimicrobial #anxiety #aromatherapy #balance #cleansing #deodorants #depression #energy #holistic #menstruation #purification #sacred #sage Photo by Kayla Maurais on Unsplash

Sage in general is known for its cleansing properties as it is commonly burned or smudged in the purification of homes and sacred spaces. However, here are a few other benefits of Sage oil  that are gaining exposure as the resurgence of holistic care is currently upon us.

1. Sage oil helps with stomach disorders such as ulcers, constipation, gastrointestinal issues and cancer due to the innate purification qualities.

2. Antimicrobial- This can be effective topically on the skin in terms of acne.

3. Antibacterial- Sage is great at killing bacteria on the skin and is an effective ingredient in deodorants.

4. Aromatherapy- Sage oil works wonders in terms of lowering blood pressure, depression, anxiety and rebalancing energy via inhalation.

5. Menstrual Cycle Regulation-apply Sage oil topically to the abdominal area helps relieve pain.

 We use Sage Oil in these products:

1. Hydrating Serum

2. Before & After Sun Moisturizer