Cedarwood-An Oil of Abundance

One good sign of of a useful ingredients is abundance. The more accessible the better and more affordable. Case and point would be Cedarwood essential oil. With over 10 different tree sources, Cedarwood is not hard to find and not easy to ignore. Cedarwood offers a variety of features and benefits. 2 examples would be anti inflammatory and antimicrobial which both help treat acne. It is also antiseptic; making it a great ingredient in face washes. However, some of its best benefits are with hair.
1. Soothes dry scalp by cleansing the area of concern then hydrating the follicles at the roots.
2, Promotes hair growth by energizing hair from the roots .
3. Proven diuretic

4. Arthritis relief

5. Soothes eczema

6. Natural sleep aid

We utilize Cedarwood Oil in the following products.

A. Cedar Beard Oil