Jojoba oil is very unique as it fuctions as a carrier oil & essential oil. And just like equally versatile Coconut, it is capable of handling many of the exact skincare issues. Jojoba is rich in nutrients like vitamin B & E, copper, zinc, silicon & iodine. Jojoba also packed with fatty acids that help with healing & rejuvenation.

 Jojoba oil is also anti-fungal. This makes it an ideal candidate for hair & feet treatments as many of those issues are fungus based. It effectively loosens dry patchy skin. It definitely works wonders on infants that experience cradle cap.

  Looking for help with Acne? Jojoba oil is a great option due to its antibacterial & anti-fungal properties. It works well when used with a clay or water based mask. Healing time becomes accelerated. Jojoba oils like weight & water soluble texture qualify this essential/carrier oil as a humectant & noncomedogenic.

Aging prevention? Indeed? Jojoba oil has some benefit in this category as well. It provides ultimate hydration, reduces inflammation, fine lines & wrinkles.