A Double Dose of Info On The Mighty Coconut

# eyeserum #acne #antifungal #antiinflammatory #cleanser #dandruff #deepconditioner #lipbalm #makeupremover #toothpaste Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

Today’s ingredient highlight features the mighty Coconut Oil. There are more than 25 ways in which Coconut Oil benefits the hair, body and skin alone. Here are some of the best.


1. Easily penetrates strands in the deep conditioning process.

2. Works great as a hair mask adding a natural shine.

3. Coconut oil is also anti inflammatory; making it ideal for minimizing dandruff.


1. Functions as make-up remover.

2. Provides superior moisture as an eye cream.

3. Because it is antibacterial & anti-fungal Coconut Oil can be used as a treatment prior to washing the face. 

4. Can be used to make DIY skincare products like toothpaste, lip scrub, face mask and lip balm.

We use Coconut Oil in these products:

A. Hydrating Serum

B. Before & After Sun Moisturizer