Juniper Berry-An Herb Not A Fruit

#antibacterial #antifungal #antiinflammatory #antimicrobial #eczema antioxidant Photo by Alina Miroshnichenko on Unsplash

Juniper berry or Juniper is one of the most controversial yet misunderstood plants on the planet. 🌍 Let’s start off with common misconception. Despite looking and having the word berry attached to its name, it is actual a herb. Due to it’s citrusy undertone, potent scent and high flavor content, Juniper Berry is very valuable in the culinary world. The controversy stems from documented side effects including possible skin rash, kidney damage from excessive use and increase of blood sugar levels in diabetics.
However, here are some of the benefits it has to offer.
1. Antibacterial- a potent acne fighter in face washes and spot treatments.
2. Anti inflammatory- reduces swelling in bug bites.
3, Anti-fungal-helps neutralize bacteria on the scalp and feet.
4. Antioxidant- counteracts free radical damage that causes aging.