Seabuckthorn Berry

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Seabuckthorn berry is one of our favorite ingredients to add in our products. It is an extremely special essential oil that provides immense value. Here are some of the features & benefits you can expect when using it.
1. Natural sun protection: Seabuckthorn has is loaded with beta carotene , omega 3 and omega 7 which function as sun protection.

2. Repairative- contains large doses of Vitamin E which helps repair skin from sun damage as well as restores hydration to the hair/scalp.
3. Antioxidants- rich with this free radical damage fighting molecules, Seabuckthorn oil is also great at getting rid of breakouts as well as cystic acne as a treatment.
4. Hyperpigmentation- naturally lightens dark spots on the skin.
5.Vitamin A: strengthens hair shaft and repairs brittle hair. Seabuckthorn oil has 3x the amount of potency than carrots.

We use Seabuckthorn in the following products:
1. Before & After Sun Moisturizer
2. Hydrating Serum
3. Eczema Cream