Avocado-Giving us a different level of C.R.E.A.M.

#acne #avocado #hair #scalp #body #moisture Photo by Nur Afni Setiyaningrum on Unsplash

We absolutely love what Avocado oil can do for the face, body & hair. Most people recognize it for its Moisturizing properties with Vitamins C & E; and consequently reducing the signs of Aging. But were you aware of the fact that Avocado oil is also a great scalp and Acne treatment? How so? Thats because it can reduce the dandruff and other problems associated with dry skin. But were you aware that Avocado oil can help improve nail growth, treat sunburned skin, accelerate cellular Renewal and treat and reduce redness in acne prone skin? Indeed it can do all these great things.

We use Avocado oil in these products:

A. Rejuvenating Serum
B. Before & After Sun Moisturizer