Sunflower Oil-Long & Strong

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As promised, we are finally covering The benefits of Sunflower Oil in skincare today. This tall and sturdy plant has so much to offer. 🌻
1. Prevents UVA or sun light damage to the skin.
2. Treats irritations and inflammation to the skin from conditioner such as psoriasis, acne, eczema & on the scalp.
3. Balances out moisture to the skin whether it be dryness or more time excessive oil.
4. Antioxidant- fights the signs of aging by attacking free radicals that damage skin cell layers.
5. Eliminates acne causing bacteria on the skin
1. Anti-frizz- calms and relaxes unruly strands of air caused by humidity.
2. Humectant: easily penetrates the hair shaft in order to lock in moisture and add instant shine and softness.
3. Nourishes hair and helps prevent breakage, thinning hair and hair loss.
4. Works well in a hair mask as it helps to gently remove dead skin from the scalp.

We use Sunflower Oil in the following products:

1. Cedar Beard Oil 

2. Alpine Beard Oil

3. Hair Growth Serum