Skincare Basics

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We decided to go in a slightly different direction with this one and dish out a dime of skincare best practices. These buckets are gender neutral so no worries of being excluded this go round.
1. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE! We touch everything under the sun during the course of the day. Keep them off your face.
2. Know your skin type. This will save a lot of unnecessary trials and tribulations. Manual scrubs should never touch an oily face. A mask will always be a better option. (Charcoal, Clay or Gel)
3. Drink a gallon of water daily. Hydration is key. Never mind all the bathroom runs. It’s worth it.
4. Change your pillow cases weekly. You avoid dirt and oil build up that way and keep it from returning to your face.
5. Wash your face 2 x daily. Again, minimize the dirt/oil factor.
6. DO NOT PICK AT PIMPLES! Blemishes are natural. Keep in mind that your skin eliminates waste just like other organs do. That’s also how you get scars.
7. Invest in a skin type appropriate toner. Cleansers strip your skin of moisture as well as dirt and oil. You gotta balance things back out.
8. Get proper rest. Your skin repairs itself while you sleep.
9. Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!
10. CLEAN THE FACE OF YOUR CELL PHONE! 📱That service harbors so much dirt, bacteria and excess oil. Ever wonder why you got a family of pimples on your cheeks. There you go!
We hope this was helpful. Now TIGHTEN UP! 🤓😉🧼