Geranium is on the docket for today’s knowledge drop. Another delicate flower whose oils are produced via distillation (steam distillation).Geranium is highly effectively on the skin at a fraction of the price of rose. Geranium is anti-septic, making it a great cleanser and toner on the face. It also anti-aging as it causes fine line and wrinkle fighting contractions of the skin. Geranium also works wonders on the hair and scalp as it balances out sebum secretion. Here are a few other popular uses for Geranium Oil. 

A. Menopause Relief

B.  Stress Reduction

C. Hormone Balance

D. Insect Repellent

 We Use Geranium essential oil in:

1. Demascus Face Wash

2. Demascus Rose Toner

3. Demascus Rose Lip & Eye Gel

4. Eczema Cream