Stock Steady Supply Cosmetics: Brand Reintroduction

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Back to building this brand to a higher level of excellence. We have recently acquired a wider audience. Consequently, we felt now is a good time to reintroduce ourselves to the masses.
Stock Steady Supply Cosmetics is a Melanin skincare & lifestyle brand dedicated to the art of client service. Everything we do is geared towards finding solutions to the issues that our clients present to us. We are predicated on offering small batch, handcrafted natural skincare derived from 100% essential oils and natural ingredients. We understand the reasoning behind including water into formulations but that’s not something we do. We believe water should be relegated to toners and our daily dietary intake. Stock Steady Supply Cosmetics products are made for everyone. (Even babies) Almost each & every formulation is multifunctional. However, we do recognize the lack of high quality, efficacious products on the market for people of color. We grind towards bridging that gap. We also welcome the challenge of removing the stigmas of gender relegated skincare. Skin is skin to us; developing regimens that allow the client to reach optimization is our intent.
So now that you have an idea of who we are, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions, comments or concerns you may have. Remember, we are in the service industry. The stupid question is the one that is never asked. We have 5 different platforms in which we can be reached.