Argan Oil- Liquid Gold

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The miracle oil known as Argan Oil is extremely valuable in the skincare care world. This vitamin E enriched essential has taken the beauty industry by store for almost 2 decades. But why? Here are some of the examples of it's excellence. 

1. Hair & Nail Strength-it's vitamin rich composition fosters growth and strengthening of hair & nails .

2. Antioxidants-restores & repairs damaged, cracked in skin. Reduces pain & inflammation.

3. Acne- due to it's ability to balance out oil productions & soothe skin, Argan oil is great at treating acne.

4. Anti-aging- reduces fine lines & wrinkles & free radical damage.

5. Leave In Conditioner- an excellent oil that can handle spilt ends, provide style & shine as well as tame frizz.

6. Hydration- extremely emollient and binds water molecules to the skin.