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Ever wonder where moth balls come from? Camphor! Those translucent white crystals you found the back of the closet as a kid. The pungent odor had you running in the other direction. Quiet as kept, we had no idea how valuable those balls of Camphor were to keeping our clothes intact and moths away. If you ever found a whole in your favorite sweater that you left out between spring & fall, you know the pain all too well. So let’s get into the features of this essential oil. Camphor is derived from a couple of sources. Timber & Evergreen trees found in countries such as Indonesia, Sumatra & Borneo produce Canphor. So does the leaves of Rosemary & African Blue Basil native to the continent of Africa.
Camphor is also cultivated synthetically from turpentine in chemical laboratories.
Besides it’s well known ability to keep bugs at bay, Camphor is also great for the following.
1. Promotes Healthy Hair Grow
2. Prevents & Treats Colds
3. Pain Relief and Inflammation for Eczema
4. Removes skin rashes associated with Psoriasis
5. Eliminates Nail Fungus

We use Moringa Oil in the following products.

1. Rejuvenating Serum