Agents of Change

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The art of sustaining a business is most definitely an arduous task. However, the path to establishing, maintaining & evolving your brand is far more easier to handle when you have the proper buy in from the people you have on board or on the bus. Ensuring that you have key members in right seat is crucial too. This is where the Law of The Few concept of the Pareto Principle comes into play. The Connectors, Mavens & Salesmen are undoubtedly your agents of change; each one bringing a certain kind of leadership & tangible value to your team. They in turn cultivate 80% of desired results by utilizing their innately unique skill sets despite representing 20% of your entire team. Most business owners fall into one of these groups. So as an entrepreneur, businessman/businesswoman or both ask yourself this question. Do I have all 3 agents of change on my team? Are they in the right seat? Is my brand evolving in the manner that it should & if not, am I leading from the front as an agent of change should?