The Resilience Serum

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After 4 years of formulations & testing, I have made the conscious decision to release this product to the public. What started off as a natural vitamin c booster to teas in my kitchen was then shared amongst my logistics team at work. The feedback was purely positive & people were upset when I didn’t have time to make it. Fast forward to today & the purpose behind that creation has become quite clear. I began making it again & distributing to close friends of mine for free. Then another first responder inquired about my ability to make something like it. Then another & here we are. 

  Our Resilience Serum is loaded with the essential oils extracted from fresh citrus fruits & combined with our proprietary blend of immunity boosting ingredients. It replenishes the with 92 minerals & nutrients the body needs to operate at optimal levels. How does it taste you ask? Clean, refreshing, aromatic & flavorful are the words that come to mind. So what does it do?

1. Reverse early signs of cold, flu & cough

2. Provides a natural boost of energy

3. Improves Digestion

4. Relieves Seasonal Allergies

5. Tons of Antioxidants

We will be making our Resilience Serum available for purchase as of April 1 2020. (No jokes hear).