The Distillation of Demascus Rose

Photo by Nikita Tikhomirov on Unsplash

Known for its beauty and well renown communications of affection and love, the Rose also plays a vital role in the beauty industry. The essential oil obtained via the steam distillation of the Demascus Rose delivers the sweet, aphrodisiac scent coveted by fragrance brands. However, it also provides superior benefits to the skin, hair and body such as reductions in fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks and surgery scars.

A potent anti inflammatory agent capable of easing the symptoms of gout, arthritis and fever, a wonderful antiseptic which helps remove bacteria from acne, wounds and eczema, Demascus Rose is truly a special and treasured find. 


We use Demascus Rose in these products:

A. Eczema Cream

B. Demascus Rose Toner

C. Demascus Rose Face Wash

D. Demascus Rose Lip & Eye Gel