Sweet Almond Oil

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Almonds are one of the most versatile nuts that transcends so many different industries. The health industry leverages the strength of Almonds in promoting weight loss, lowering cholesterol, and reducing risks associated with diabetes. Almonds have also been documented as boosting liver and colon health. Yet Almonds also play pivotal roles in the overall health of our skin and hair.
Almonds are in vitamins E which is full of antioxidants that help enhance hair shine and volume. Vitamin B complex essentials such as niacin and and riboflavin aid in nail growth. It is also chock full of minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and phosphorus responsible for maintaining collagen and elastin levels in skin cells.
When it comes to other skincare issues, almond is great at balancing out hyperpigmentation and protecting the skin from sun damage. It’s also at reducing inflammation as well fighting bacteria common in acne. In regards to hair and beards, Almond oil is excellent for treating dandruff by removing dead skin cells and provided extra moisture to the scalp and conditions hair like no other. We will be featuring Sweet Almond oil in the launch of our first beard oil later on this week.

We use Sweet Almond Oil in the following products:

1. Alpine Beard Oil

2. Balancing Serum