Rosemary: The Dew of the Sea

Ros Marinus or Dew of the Sea is the Latin name for Rosemary. A member of the mint family, Rosemary was considered sacred amongst many ancient civilizations. Known for it’s sweet smell yet bitter flavor, Rosemary has been a culinary favorite amongst chefs and mixologists. It also makes for an extremely refreshing additive to water in the summer time. (Put it in a pitcher at a summertime party) 😉
The real magic lies within the essential oil which contains plenty of antioxidants as well as camphor. As a result, Rosemary has bug repellent type qualities. and that’s not all. Some other benefits are..........
1. Physical Health-great for mental health by reducing anxiety, relieving pain and aiding indigestion.
2. Anti inflammatory- reduces acne by decreasing swelling and redness in the skin. It also puffiness and dark circles in the eye area. It also fights sun and free radical damage associated with aging.
3. Hair Quality- not only does Rosemary help remove dead skin cells when used as a treatment on the scalp; it also helps stimulate hair growth and treat alopecia.
4. Decongestant: works well to remove phlegm for your chest by inhaling for a few minutes.
5. Antifungal: works wonders on killing fungus on feet and scalp.
Pro Tip: Dilute Rosemary with a carrier oil as it is very potent.

We use Rosemary in the following products:

1. Before & After Sun Moisturizer

2. Eczema Cream

3. Balancing Serum