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What is there that is not to like about Lavender? From soaps to tea to body lotions and room diffusers, it is one of the most prominent essential oil used for a variety of purposes. Let’s discuss a few of them in terms of skincare.
A. Fights Acne: antibacterial, hydrates skin and controls oil production.
B. Helps Combat Eczema: calms and soothes troubled areas by reducing inflammation, smoothing out rough patches, sun burned and irritated skin.
C. Anti-aging- Contains antioxidants which help prevent wrinkles by repairing skin cells and fights free radical damage on skin.
D. Split End, Oily Hair & Frizzy Hair Prevention: Application of lavender oil to scalp, combing with a carrier to make a hair mask or a deep conditioner are great ways to prevent all 3 of these hair issues.
E. Incorporating Lavender oil into body scrubs, foot creams or powders and body lotions are easy and inexpensive ways of enhance your skincare experiences