Eucalyptus: The Anti Anti Oil

#antifungal #antiinflammatory #antiseptic #anxiety #aromatherapy #eucalyptus #fungus #headaches #stress Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Eucalyptus is an amazing oil that has a variety of uses in the beauty and health industries. We are very familiar with its benefits in fighting colds, cough drops and chest rubs. However we was not aware of some of the other benefits  also offers.

Here are a few:  
A. Anti-fungal- Eucalyptus does a wonderful job of fending off fungus that develop in the scalp as well as on the feet.
 B. Anti-Inflammatory- One of the best relief providing products for sunburn as it helps to reduce redness.
C. Aromatherapy- Eucalyptus has a very fresh, earthy menthol like smell to it that has been known to reduce headaches, stress and anxiety. (Try placing a few leaves in the shower and see how it relaxes the end and also relieves congestion.
D.  Anti-septic- One of the best natural bug repellents available, Eucalyptus also keeps away roaches, rodents and mosquitos.